Rolloff Waste Disposal Services in Chester, Virginia

The open top dumpster known as a Roll-off is rectangular in shape. Roll-off trucks roll the dumpster in place by the use of wheels. Though often used for construction waste, these open top containers can manage many kinds of waste.
Virginia Waste Services, Inc. has a significant presence in the roll-off business.
Temporary and permanent roll-off dumpster service
Providing prompt turn-around time to customers
Our comprehensive inventory includes the following dumpster sizes:
  • 10 yard – 8'w x 11'd x 4'h
  • 15 yard – 8'w x 11'd x 6'h
  • 20 yard – 8'w x 22'd x 4'h
  • 30 yard – 8'w x 22'd x 6'h
  • 40 yard – 8'w x 22'd x 8'h
Compactors are also available for a variety of wet and dry waste applications.
VWS is a certified Marathon Equipment distributor. Our skilled technicians provide installation, maintenance and emergency repair for all your compactor needs.